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We believe that opportunities are the beginning of social transformation. That is why we create opportunities for promising peace-building initiatives, by connecting them to global resources, to create a new dynamic in social businesses and sustainable impact investment.


woman social leader of moravia medellin colombia

Strengthening Leaders & Entrepreneurs

We identify and strengthen social leaders who display high potential to become business entrepreneurs. We connect them to a network that collectively works on building peace in different regions of Colombia.

meeting in cafe in bogota breaking borders project

Support to Social Enterprises 

We facilitate conditions & processes to turn community initiatives into social enterprises. By attracting social investment resources and channeling them effectively, we offer access to funding & technical assistance to improve their stage of progress.

community tour of bogota engraved team collective impulse

Storytelling for Business Change

We use the power of storytelling as a tool to empower leaders, and to create connections with universities and private and public sector, in order to generate legal income and amplify a profound message of  peace around the world.







Seed Capital Funding

Economic Aid 

Donations Delivered

Social Enterprises Supported




We are a group of people, start-ups and organizations, committed to social transformation and peace building in Colombia. We are witnesses of the lack of social and economic opportunities that communities, victim of armed conflict and poverty, face. The feeling of helplessness in the eyes of injustice moves us to create a different reality together. To bridge the gap that separates us, we capitalize on knowledge, work, language, geography and imaginaries. We have proven that giving others an opportunity yields a higher return. That's why we are a Collective focused on change, leadership, storytelling and opportunities.

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