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Comuna 13, Medellín, Antioquia


A collective of artists and warriors who transform their neighborhoods with the music, dances and afro-culture hidden in the periphery of Medellín. They use art and urban tourism to communicate their processes and activities for social change.


Comuna 13th is synonymous with transformation and resilience in Medellín. For more than 15 years, Son Batá collective has used hip hop and afrocolombian rythms as a tool to keep the yougsters away from violence, urban militias and micro-trafficking. They also developed the Afro Tour, an urban tourism experience that tells the history of the comuna, from the perspective of the displaced afrodescendant population who has lived for decades in 3 vulnerable neighborhoods of the Comuna. Both initiatives create artistic projects for children and youth.

Business Idea

Commercialization of experiential classes ans workshops of music and dance, integrated to urban tourism experiences.


Reactivate tourism in the neighborhood, attract attendees to the new virtual version of the Afrotour and offer classes in virtual mode.

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