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At Collective Impulse we create multiple opportunities to generate direct income for the social enterprises we work with. By purchasing our services and products, you, your organization and your friends contribute directly to the leaders of social enterprises and to our NGO, which reinvests these resources in the financial and strategic support of local communities.


Our Change Sessions & Talks are educational virtual experiences, in which you can meet and interact with social & cultural change agents from all over Colombia. Our collective of Leaders Of Change use the power of storytelling to bring to your home, your university of you organizatrion the real face of Colombia, from its own people, from its roots. 


Two different versions of a basket that contains high quality and organic products, provenient from different areas of the country. Coffee, cocoa, honey, seeds and beers that tell the stories of transformation of community enterprises. A gift for your organization or your friends, which becomes an opportunity for social change projects. 

Social Impact & Sustainability Consultancy

Advisory and consulting services for organizations, community projects and social enterprises, in different stages of evolution, for the design of their strategies and programs for sustainability and social impact.

A gift that enchants and
transforms realities

Each product of this harvest supports a social enterprise of communities that build peace in various territories of Colombia.

Expertise at your service

The consultancies allow incorporating in the strategic planning of the organizations the component of social responsibility and socio-environmental sustainability, which allows them to access marketing, investment and resource management opportunities in the social sector.

Areas and topics of specialty:

Sustainable tourism, Entrepreneurship, Investment by impact, Community Work, Social Business Model, Entrepreneurship Education, Impact Measurement and Evaluation, Intervention Programs, Sustainability Strategies.

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Support peace building in Colombia

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lEARN & be inspired

Connect with inspiring Peace Leaders who will share you their stories and knowledge in these remote sessions you can access from anywhere in the world. 

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