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Bogotá colors

Ciudad Bolivar, Bogotá D.C

Local community

Foto_Bogota Colors_BTA (7).jpeg

A cultural tourism agency offering specialized tours in urban art, allowing visitors to explore Bogotá's murals and artistic culture in a guided and educational manner.


In 2016, prompted by the question of how to make an impact in Bogotá's periphery, May Rojas, a graphic designer and muralist, initiated a project merging urban art and cultural expression. The arrival of Transmicable in 2018 boosted accessibility, enhancing visitor experiences.


By 2021, the project evolved into a tourism agency, facilitating cultural immersion.

OUR impact


intervened with urban art


tours sold


People Impacted (Directed and Indirected)


Generate stability as a company by developing important alliances with private and public companies.

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