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Boquilla ecotours

La Boquilla, Cartagena, Bolivar


Families of artisanal fishermen offering ecotourism experiences in the La Boquilla sector of Cartagena.

They offer different expiriences for the tourists, for example mangrove tours, bird sighting and cooking workshops with the women fron the community.


Boquilla ecotours is a bussines founded in 1999 and it´s a 100% owned by members of the community of La Boquilla. Since it´s foundation this bussines has not only been committed to provide employement for the community but also whith the preservation of the mangrove. Boquilla ecotours has fought against massive logging and iligal occupation of protected areas.

Business Idea

Virtual and on-site ecotours.


To get more visitors in the area and generate more opportunities.

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