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Breaking borders

Barrio Egipto, Bogotá

Young people, ex-gangs members, people who live in the neighborhood

Breaking Borders is the initiative of a group of ex-gangs who decided to transform their past to become tour guides of their neighborhood and share history and art to create a better future for their children.


Breaking Borders is an initiative founded in 2016 and led by ex-gangs members of the Egypt neighborhood in Bogota, which encourages social change and the inclusion of the neighborhood in the history of the center of the capital. The Breaking Borders strategy seeks to break the invisible borders that have generated violence between gangs, to turn tourism into an economic opportunity and social transformation that seeks to reduce violence and stigmatization of the inhabitants of the neighborhood and create other possible futures for children and young people.

Business Idea

Creation of a local community garden to market products and create a new environmental tourism experience.


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