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Casa de la paz

Bogotá D.C

Local community

Casa de la paz 1

A multifunctional community center that promotes peace, reconciliation, and sustainable development through training activities, cultural events, and support for local entrepreneurs.


"La Casa de la Paz" was inaugurated in 2021 and has become a meeting place for victims and former combatants, where rural entrepreneurs sell their products and share their stories. This place fosters peacebuilding and social transformation.


Led by Doris Suárez, "La Casa de la Paz" is a humanistic project focused on the well-being of its staff, offering benefits such as transportation and meal assistance.


Its main goal is to create a space for dialogues on peace, reconciliation, and new opportunities.

OUR impact


strategic partners


people directly impacted

300 - 500

weekly visits


Buy the facilities where "La Casa de la Paz" operates

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