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Casa mama luz

La Candelaria, Bogotá

Luz Dary Cogollo

Luz Dary Cogollo, originally from Tolú, has worked on strengthening marketplaces in Bogotá. She is a traditional food chef who has reestablished the value and preservation of Colombian gastronomy.


Luz Dary Cogollos was raised between Tolú and Bogotá, she says this is why she has a mixtures of flavors in her dishes. When she divorced her husband she knew she had to survive so she got a place at the "Plaza de La Concordia" where her first clients were college students who called her "mama Luz". When she was displaces fron La Concordia, she got a place in La Perseverancia were she started to innovate in her recipies. Whenher clientele grew she decided to open a restaurant called "mama Luz" in other parts of the city.

our impact


restaurants opened throughout the country


People Impacted (Directed and Indirected)


gastronomic dishes


Enhance and optimize the refrigeration system for better storage of raw materials, including ingredients from the Colombian Caribbean, to standardize the menu and ensure efficient use of ingredients.

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