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Cartagena, Bolivar

Zenú Indigenous Women

Community of indigenous and artisans women of the Zenú tribe, living in the Daniel Lematitre neighborhood on the outskirts of Cartagena. They lead a workshop for the production of handicrafts in Cañaflecha, a natural fiber representative of the Zenú cultural identity.


Ninha are women heads of indigenous families who arrived in Cartagena, displaced by the internal conflict. Their traditions associated with farming have been affected by the dynamics of the urban life they have been living for more than a decade. NINHA is a project that strives to preserve the traditions of their original ancestral territory, especially weaving and ethnocultural education. arrow cane handicrafts. These women have been widely affected by the Colombian armed conflict, especially by the phenomenon of displacement. 

OUR impact


visits by national and international people.


People Impacted (Directed and Indirected)

Nationalities that frequently visit the workshop of Dilia

Peru, USA, Germany, Australia and France.


Increase sales through new local, national, and international partners.

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