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Weaving Hearts

Egipto neighborhood, Bogotá

Women heads of households

Weaving and loom workshops run by and for women in vulnerable conditions. With the production of woven products, they create an alternative source of income and help rebuild a network of emotional support for their neighbors and families.


Tejiendo Corazones is a Buena Semilla Foundation project. They are women heads of households, teenage mothers and elderly women, victims of urban conflict and domestic violence in their neighborhood. Through the teaching of different weaving techniques, the use of looms and sewing machines, they make unique pieces such as backpacks, rugs and clothing. In these, they capture their stories and find a productive way to use their time and create support spaces in the community.

Business Idea

Commercialization of handcrafted woven objects such as rugs, backpacks, ponchos, and others.


Build partnerships for the sale of our products and customer loyalty strategies.

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