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Nariño, Cauca & Putumayo

Inga Indigenous Community

Wasikamas -Guardians of the land- is an enterprise led by Inga families from Aponte, Nariño, to make visible and commercialize high altitude specialty coffee and other products with indigenous history and origin and local communities with strong roots in the preservation of diversity. 


 This initiative is the result of a process of voluntary substitution of illicit poppy crops for the cultivation of special aromatic coffee. Wasikamas is not only about coffee, it is a process of territorial preservation, recovery of the indigenous language and peace building in Colombia.

Business Idea

Virtual marketing of high quality coffee and Inga handicrafts.


Wuasikamas wants to generate alliances for the commercialization of coffee at a national and international level. They are looking for support for the design and production of new product packaging.

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