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Our Change Sessions & Talks are educational virtual experiences, in which you can meet and interact with social & cultural change agents from all over Colombia. Our collective of Leaders Of Change use the power of storytelling to bring to your home the real face of Colombia, from its own people, from its roots.


60 min

Live-Streamed Urban Tour

Meet Jaime & Liz, and get to know the BREAKING BORDERS project, to learn about the impressive history of a group of ex gang members from the Egipto neighborhood in Bogotá. Deciding to leave their criminal past behind, they have started a community tourism initiative, showing visitors around their streets filled with artwork that tells the neighborhood’s history.

Experience a real-time virtual tour, visit the Breaking Borders project and hear the story of how resilience has transformed the oldest neighborhood in town. Discover graffiti art and enjoy the best view of the city while chatting with the locals of this authentic community project led by ex gang members and ex convicts who became local tour guides.


The black story of Comuna 13, Medellín

60 min

Urban Music and Dance

Meet Ana & Fredy, two inspiring changemakers who grew up in Comuna 13, and get to know the AFROTOUR and SON BATÁ projects, to learn how tourism and urban music has allowed them to recover youth and public spaces through reconnection to their African roots in music, dance, and art.


This virtual experience will enlighten your day with music, colorful landscapes and inspiring stories. Be prepared to dance, learn some slang and bring out your most artistic side!


Rafting for peace, Caguán, caquetá

60 min

Photo Journey

Meet Raul & Frellin and get to know the Rafting for peace project, to dive into adventure, photography and historical memory in a virtual journey over the Pato River of the Caquetá jungle, guided by a professional photographer and a group of FARC ex-combatants (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) who chose rafting as their path to social reintegration and who spread a profound message of peace.

With a video and photography virtual journey, you’ll learn about the history of the Caguán region, that was once a hotbed of clashes during the country’s armed conflict. You’ll also meet these ex-combatants and community members who are now athletes and certified rafting guides.



60 min

Cooking Class

Meet ´Mama Luz´ and with the Caribbean Sea as your pantry, join us on this cooking class and conversation where you’ll try your hand at preparing a Colombian traditional recipe while learning about the history and legendary use of its ingredients.

Directly from the restaurant of Mama Luz, you´ll hear the story of how this impressive woman went from selling food at a public transport station to becoming into the protagonist of Street Food LatinAmerica, a Netflix series.

Luz is also a leader who has changed the face of many local markets. She and her fellow female traditional chefs are reestablishing the value and preservation of these important social and cultural hubs.


Moravia: Transformation Oasis

60 min

Urban Tourism

Travel through Moravia´s streets and learn it's outstanding transformation story.  Women leaders have used urban gardening, culinary arts and the martial art of capoeira to transform the old dumpster of Medellín into a garden of peace building and resilience.


Hidden treasures of Cartagena

60 min

Ancestral practices

Discover the magical ancestral knowledge of indigenous and afro colombian refugees that strive to preserve their cultural heritage and environment in the periphery of Cartagena city. Learn the basics of cañaflecha´s handicrafts and artisanal fishing practices.

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